NFC as a secure identifier for equipment, objects and locations

NFC - tags inteligentes

NFC tags offer a secure and cost effective way to identify all types of assets in our businesses, buildings and even cities. They can be produced to be impermeable, resistant to abrasive materials, resistant to time, screwed, etc., guaranteeing the identity and uniqueness of everything that is important to monitor.

A correct implementation of a system to support the management and maintenance of assets can even guarantee and record the presence of a technician in a certain place, next to a certain equipment, providing him with the correct information so that he can carry out his work in the faster and more efficient possible way.

Cloud solution for asset management

NFC e cloud para gestão de ativos

Based on the assurance of a correct identification of all assets to the company and the correct choice of NFC identifiers, the company can then implement an efficient maintenance management system that allows cost reduction and distribution of its technicians in the most correct way possible.

Building on the experience of using NFC technology, MobilityNow has developed, along with reference partners, a cloud solution that enables real-time monitoring of all assets, enabling the company to support and distribute tasks in the most efficient way.

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