Solve the problem of check-in

By integrating NFC into your event ticketing (tickets, badges or even the phone of each visitor) you will be able to easily identify all interactions between people, sponsors and exhibitors at each event.

The solution may involve using cards, wristbands or even paper badges (which have an NFC chip inside).

Find in our store the most suitable product for your event, or contact us! We develop and produce appropriate identifiers for your event.

A cloud solution that holds all interactions

It was aiming to simplify events and record all interactions between participants that MobilityNow developed a Cloud platform that will allow you not only to speed up check-in procedures, using tablets or other equipment, but also implement registration points in the event, which may allow such broad uses as:

  • Control and register access to the space;
  • Count participants in sub-spaces at the event;
  • Transport content to social networks;
  • Implement voting or raffle dynamics;
  • Facilitate interaction between participants (exchange of contacts, requests for information, etc.);

If you are going to hold an event, talk to us and enjoy a complete solution to promote and better understand the behavior of your visitors.

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