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Building on more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications, finance and identification industry, MobilityNow brings together a team of mobile technology experts who are fully committed to understanding your business and working with you to help you define the best approach to mobility.

We believe that NFC is the ideal technology for identifying people, objects, machines and things. It guarantees security and universality of access, is transversal and offers advantages to multiple industries in several phases of their value chains.

If you want to know how much your business can benefit from using this technology, contact us and tell us your case, you will find in MobilityNow a team of specialists completely focused on building with you the best strategy of approach and exploration of the mobile world.

Our methodology allows us to:

  • Analyze and detect the company's critical points that can benefit from mobility processes;
  • Study the impacts of the introduction of mobility processes, with consideration and calculation of benefits and possible obstacles to implementation;
  • Understand current information security policies and ensure their extension (with possible reinforcement) to new processes;
  • Choose and implement the best security solution for mobile equipment;
  • Balance between "BYOD" policies and equipment restriction policies (advantages and disadvantages);
  • Plan and implement solutions defined in line with the company's growth strategy;
  • Monitor the implementation of business processes and monitor their correct implementation ensuring the achievement of the goals initially defined;

Your client already uses mobile technology. Is your business ready?


The NFC Nation Store

The store was created in 2017 by the founding team of MobilityNow, and, with the clear objective of making available to its European customers and users the necessary tools for the use and creation of solutions based in the exploitation of NFC technology.

If you want to know the technology better and understand your applications contact us, we are waiting for you!