NFC - a contact technology on your phone

NFC (near field communication) is an exciting new technology designed to make life easier for people by using the latest smartphones. In essence, we can describe NFC as a proximity technology that allows (by simply touching a phone to another NFC element) to initiate a connection between the real world (often referred to as offline) and the online world.

Leading technology drivers (including companies such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung, NXP and MobilityNow) believe that one day it will be possible to use only the mobile phone to do a large part of our day-to-day activities, such as: opening house or hotel doors, paying for coffee, buying a magazine, validating a metro ticket or downloading a song from a billboard.

Here's a video of NCIX Tech Tips illustrating this short-range technology:

Users just need to bring their phone closer to a tag (an integrated NFC chip sticker) or to other NFC-enabled devices to take advantage of the technology.

When a mobile phone approaches a tag (which can be programmed by the user), it will trigger on the device a pre-programmed action, from the transmission of a simple message to a connection to a social network (e.g. a "like" on a particular Facebook page).

It is also possible to configure tags so that they help in the daily use of smartphones (e.g. pre-configuring simple actions such as: on/off bluetooth).

Key benefits of the technology:
  • It is intuitive to use: The interaction only requires that the mobile phone is approached;
  • It works as an interface between other technologies: it reduces the distance between different technologies through a simple touch;
  • It is versatile: NFC applies to a broad set of industries;
  • It is standard: NFC follows internationally defined parameters (guarantees compatibility);
  • It is safe: Communication is only established at a short distance (a few centimeters), so it is inherently safe, and also it was built to withstand additional security measures;
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